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Pong and Whose is It.


Pong is a simple 2D arcade game game developed by Atari and released in 1972. This old game venue is one of the video games. Although Nolan Bushnell was co-produced by founder Alan Alchor, Bushnell and his co-worker Ted Deby were interested in Alchorn’s work and decided to play the game.

Bushnell’s game concept is based on electronic table tennis from Magnavox Odyssey, the first indoor video game cone. In response, Magnavox later accused Altar of copyright infringement.

Pong was the first successful commercial video game and, with the help of Magnavox Odyssey, helped set up a video game company. Soon after its release, several companies began developing games similar to the game itself.

Finally, competitors released a new video game at a different level from the original Pong series, with changes for allowing their team to create another Pong production game.

The altar has increased the number of Pong bonds as a main game, adding new features. Advertising. In late 1975, the Sears store launched the promising Pong Christmas home.

The home-made model was also a commercial success and produced many clones. It has been updated in many homes and mobile phones since the game was released. Pong Washington, D.C., part of a comprehensive cultural practice collection of the Smithsonian Institution.

Development and history

Atari engineer

Atari engineer Allan Alcorn designed and built Pong as a training exercise. Pong was Atari’s first game. The first contract was for a driving game with the Bali Manufacturing team. Bushnell and Debbie worked at Ampex. Prior to working with Attic, Alchor had no experience in video playback. Bushnell originally co-founded the Chicago Coins Speedway (1969), the best-selling electric sports car for entertainment. Alcorn’s first game.


Pong prototype

In 1972, Sunnis were in the headquarters of Andy Cap Bar. It lasted until 2002.

Pong video game advertisement

The ad attracted the attention of bar and nebong club owners. Advertising. In 1974, Atari sold over 8,000 minutes, eventually 35,000 minutes. They are valued as collectors.

Super Pong game

This type of Pong Home quickly became a threat due to the use of the Sears store. Alchorn, Bob Brown and Harold Lee designed the 1972 Pong Arcade to create a blended costume that reduced costs and provided the best screen and sound effects.

Whose Pong is It?

Atari Zing worked, but Atari did not accept the patent. Opposition companies were quick to launch games like Pong, which reduced Atar’s profits. At the 1972 electronics show, Magnavox accused Altar owner Allan Nolan Bushnell of stealing table tennis ideas at the Magnavox booth. Calm down before you go to Altar Court.

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