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Line Printer and its Types

Types of line printers include drum printers, ribbon printers, and individual printers. Due to the popularity of thermal printing printers in the 1970s and 80s, some distributors and laser printers created the line or page.

A Line printer can print one line at a time. Serial printing is a type of high-speed printing. You can print 300-3000 lines per minute. So they are very fast. Large computer systems often use printing.


The Line Printers is divided into two Types.

    1. Drum Printers
    2. Chain Printers

1. Drum Printers

    • The printer has a multi-character drum; They are printed on rollers. After checking the width of the page, the number of characters or slashes is divided.
    • But there are also sets of letters called the number of letters printed on paper. For example, 64 to 96 characters and more.
    • At the front of the cylinder, there are several hammers between the rod and the head or hammer. This roller rotates very quickly and the action can be printed by activating the corresponding hammer.
    • So always keep in mind that not all characters appear at once, but they print very quickly. And since there are a few letters in the cylinder, you can only print predefined patterns.
    • They are sitting on drums. You can print different fonts and color images. Drums also make a sound as they use hammer blows.

2. Chain Printers:

    • These are line printers that print a line. Each character is printed on a string and a set of characters is placed on top of the string. 48, 64 and 96 character combinations are available.
    • There is also a hammer placed in front of the chain and paper is placed between the hammer and the painted strip. The total number of hammers is the same as the total number of printing points.
    • It spins the string very quickly and is pressed with the activation of the appropriate character hammer. Printers can individually print some predefined characters, and we cannot display high-quality fonts and fonts.
    • They are also great printers and sounders because they push the letters with the speed of a hammer. These printers can print 400-3000 layers per minute.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Despite its decades of basic technology, online dot matrix printers are still viable solutions for high-speed commercial printing. The main drawbacks are excessive noise and dependence on stable food, as they did a few decades ago.

However, serial printers are physically more powerful than laser printers and theirs consumers are cheaper and less environmentally friendly. Laser printers can print a limited number of pages at a given time. Online publishers, on the other hand, are limited by the number of hours per day.


First-line printers use a rotating drum to store letters. When the correct letters match the tape, there is a bunch of hammers on the paper. Later models improve speed and reliability by placing the characters on a rotating bar or wire set. It also uses advanced electromagnetic technology to move a hammer.

A low-dot linear printer used in computers matrix printers use the same printing method. Conversations at small angles punched the tape and made letters on the paper. Although linear dot matrix printers had low print quality, the ability to combine text and graphics was often useful.

Modern Line Printers:

Drum, string, and ribbon printers are made with high-speed laser printers and provide excellent quality for applications such as service bills and print monitors. However, dot matrix linear printers are still available from manufacturers with a long history, including printronix and IBM.

Modern linear dot printers are more advanced than ever, at 180 x 180 points the quality of the inch and often the appearance of a laser printer, including the ability to print zip lines. They use modern and durable ribbons and inks and are designed for higher print quality and lower power consumption for a longer life.


Linear printers generally cost more than laser printers, and they need additional sound protection devices in the office. However, low operating costs and a “green” certificate of efficiency outweigh these factors.

Online printers are especially suitable for workshops and industrial environments, and dust, humidity, high temperatures, and other factors can quickly stop laser printing.

Are For companies that know the cost, a combination of high-quality characters and line dot matrix printers can be a winning combination for audio output.

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