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Computer Mouse

A mouse is a small mobile device that lets you control things on your computer. Most mice have two buttons, and some have a circle between them. Most types of mice are connected to the computer by cable and use the power of the computer to work.


This is a device used for computer input. Shows and clicks icons, menus, command buttons, or launches something on the computer. The graphical user interface (GUI) for the latest applications and applications is easy to use and easy to navigate with the mouse.


How mouse works?

The purpose of the mouse is to convert your gestures into a useful computer format. When the mouse moves, this movement causes the ball to roll. To move, place the mouse on a flat table or mouse. A computer mouse (multiple mice, sometimes a mouse) is a handheld device that detects two-dimensional motion in relation to the ground. These activities are usually translated into screen gestures, allowing you to easily control your computer’s GUI.

How to connect mouse with a computer?

There are at least four ways to connect a mouse to a computer, although some are now obsolete. Serial, PS / 2, USB and wireless mouse are ways to connect to computer.

Both USB and wireless or wireless mice are widely used in modern computers. PS / 2 and serial connections are available on older systems, not newer ones.

Different Types of buttons on a computer mouse

This feature describes the operation of different buttons on Windows and Apple computers.

Windows mouse

  1. Right Mouse Button
  2. Left Mouse Button
  3. Side Button
  4. Scroll Wheel

1. Right Mouse Button

Typically, the right mouse button is used to provide additional information and / or assets for the selected item.

For example, if you highlight a word in Microsoft Word, a drop-down menu will appear when you right-click on it; Options like cut, copy, paste, change font, etc. Alternatively, right-clicking a highlighted word on a webpage will take you to a drop-down list for copying, selecting all, Google “highlights”, etc.


To Copy and paste
To copy and paste with the right mouse button, first select the highlighted word or item and then press the right mouse button and the options will appear.

2. Left Mouse Button

The left mouse button is a default button used as a cursor to highlight, select, and drag words and / or objects.


To open a file or application
Hover over the file or program you want to play and quickly click the left mouse button.
NOTE:  Slow clicking on Notepad will not launch the file or application you want to use.

To select and highlight an item or text
To select an item or icon on the screen, press the left mouse button while the cursor is over the object you want to select. Then the point is highlighted. However, if you want to select multiple files or items, hold down the left mouse button and drag the cursor over the file or text you want to select. It will highlight many files or items.

To quickly select a word, double-click the left mouse button (as before to launch a file or application) with the cursor you want to select. The word is then highlighted. To select a sentence, press the left button at the beginning of the sentence. It outlines everything in this sentence.

To drag-and-drop
To drag and drop an item, once left click the mouse button and select the item you want to move. This makes the article even stronger. Then hold down the left mouse button, move the mouse to the desired position and release the left button. The item is now stored in a new location.

3. The Scroll Wheel

The scroll wheel in the center of the mouse allows you to scroll up and down any page without using the vertical scroll bar on the right side of the document or webpage.

The scroll wheel can be used as a third mouse on the mouse. For example, instead of left-clicking on a link on a webpage, you can just scroll once and the link will appear in a new tab in your browser. You can also close a tab by clicking on the truck.

You can also tap a scroll bar to scroll up and down a document and page faster than with your finger pressing the scroll bar.

4. The Side Buttons

The Side Buttons are programmed to perform actions such as scrolling back and forth on web pages in a web browser.

Mac mouse

mouse 2-

All features of the Mac Mouse are somewhat similar to those of Windows Mouse, as it has left buttons, right buttons and side buttons, but it also includes 360 degree scrolling and side buttons.

360 ​​° scroll bar

The 360 ​​° scroll bar not only lets you scroll up and down a page, but also scrolls sideways and diagonally to view the entire document or webpage. Does not fit in the specified area.

Side buttons

Side buttons are essential sensor buttons configured through your settings to enable Mac OS X features such as the Dashboard or other customizable features.

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