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Advantages or characteristics of C language


Some important characteristics of C language are as follows:

    1. Convenient Language
    2. Well-Structure Language
    3. Machine Independence
    4. Modularity
    5. Case Sensitivity
    6. Hardware Control
    7. Small Language
    8. First Code Generation

1. Convenient Language:

C is very Convenient Language. It provides many facilities in easier way that are difficult to use in low-level language. Programmers can write complex program more easily as compared to low-level languages.

2. Well-Structure Language:

C is a well-structured language. Its syntax is very easy to understand. The programs written in C language are easy to maintain and modify.

3. Machine Independence:

C language provides machine independence. It means that the programs written in C language can be executed on different types of computers.


For example, a program written in C can be executed on Intel processors and Motorola processors. That is why it is preferable to write program in C rather than machine language.

4. Modularity:

C language provides the facility of Modular programming. It means that the program can be divided into small modules. These modules can be developed and compiled independently.

5. Case Sensitivity:

C is a case sensitive language. It means that it can differentiate uppercase and lowercase words. All keywords are written in lowercase. This feature makes it easier to maintain the source code.

6. Hardware Control:

C language provides close control on hardware. It can be used to write efficient programs to control hardware components of computer system.

7. Small Language:

C is a Small Language. It has a small number of keywords and programming controls. But still it is very powerful for developing different types of programs.

8. Fast Code Generation:

The compiler of C language generate very fast code. The code executes very efficiently. So the programs take less time to execute.

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