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What is 5 reasons that JavaScript is still better than Python?

Python is a sophisticated general purpose programming language developed to emphasize code readability.

JavaScript is a programming language that complements the ECMAScript script. 2. It is a programming language used to develop desktop and web applications.

Many new programming languages ​​have become very popular in recent years. Languages ​​like Ruby, Kotlin, Python, Crystal and Rust have entered the hearts and minds of programmers around the world.

While Ruby and Python seem to be popular, Python is at the top of the list. While JavaScript is the preferred language, some Python developers prefer JavaScript.


Here are 5 reasons Python is a great programming language, but JavaScript is better.

    • JavaScript is better for website development
    • Experienced developers are more likely to know JavaScript
    • JavaScript provides a direct path into the IT world
    • JavaScript is easy to learn
    • JavaScript is historically the most popular programming language

1. JavaScript is better for website development

  • There is no doubt that JavaScript is better than Python for a simple reason for developing websites: it runs in a JS browser as long as Python supports the server.
  • While Python can be used in part to create a web page, it can no longer be used on its own. Python should be used to respond to applications that display HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Using Python to create a website is a complex process. There are areas to make things easier – like Django and Flask – but it’s not convenient to use Python.
  • JavaScript is a great choice for desktop and mobile websites. Between Query, Angular and React, JavaScript offers almost unlimited web programming capabilities.

2. Experienced developers are more likely to know JavaScript

  • Whenever a company or individual hires a developer for a project, the key to a successful project is an experienced developer. The problem with Python programmers is that you never know how much experience they have in real life.
  • The same can be said for JavaScript programmers, but it’s easier to find experienced JS programmers because it’s been standardized for years.
  • Although Python was launched in 1989 – almost six years before JavaScript – Python did not become popular until Google acquired it and invested in its development.
  • This means that more experienced programmers starting in the nineties have a better chance of trying out Python using JavaScript.

3. JavaScript provides a direct path into the IT world

  • There will always be high Python fans who can make a good argument for learning Python. However, if you want to enter the world of technology, JavaScript is the golden card.
  • As part of developing the first JavaScript page of the website, you will be able to generate revenue as an independent or as a group.
  • Viewing your work schedules is an important advantage for JavaScript programmers. While some companies may not know the best programming language for their particular project, if they are working on a project on a front-end website, they need at least JavaScript development.

4. JavaScript is easy to learn

  • While many say that learning Python is easier than learning JavaScript, it does not apply to people with program thinking. The basics of JS can be learned in just a few months and with a year of dedication, anyone can start making good money with their skills

5. JavaScript is historically the most popular programming language

  • JavaScript was first published in 1995 and will not be changed anytime soon. Even today, Brandon E., a leading JavaScript designer, says that every web designer should be familiar with JavaScript, Java and Python.
  • While Python is a good programming language, it is not the only solution for web development. Python supports modern programming languages, but cannot do much on its own.
  • It would be a logical mistake to say that JavaScript is better because it has been known for a long time, but programming languages ​​are known for good reasons. This is because of its efficiency, reliability and ease of use. JavaScript meets all of these requirements.

Programming Languages Serve Different Purposes

Whenever a new programming language is created, the goal is to improve features such as efficiency, correction and memory management. Some of the basic programming languages ​​are useful, but they have some major disadvantages compared to the newer ones.

If you’re a fan of JavaScript, Python, Ruby or Rust, it’s for everyone. Some languages ​​overlap in functionality, others are more powerful and provide better problem solving.

In general, it is recommended that you study programming languages ​​if you want a successful programming career. This will certainly teach you which languages ​​are not the best, but if these languages ​​meet the needs of the client, you will get your income.

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