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Database system and Components

Database System

Database System is a collection of a data as well as programs required to manage that data. A database system is a computerized record-keeping system. The main purpose of this system is to maintain data and provide it to the user when it is required.

Components of Database Systems

The four major components of database system are as follows:

  1. Data
  2. Hardware
  3. software
  4. Personnel

1. Data

Data is the most important component of database system. Data is a collection of facts stored in the database. The basic purpose of a database system is to store, maintain and process data for the user.

2. Hardware

The physical components of a computer system are called hardware. The hardware is used to perform different tasks such as input, output, storage and processing.


Some important hardware components are as follows:

  • Secondary Storage
  • I/O Devices
  • Processors
  • Main Memory

3. Software

Software is a collection of programs used by computer within a database system. The most important software is DBMS itself. It uses three types of software to enable the database system work properly.


Different types  of software used in a database system are as follows:

  • Operating System:  It manages all hardware components. It also enables all other software to run on the computer.
  • DBMS Software:  It is the database management system that is used to create and manage a database system.
  • Application Programs:  These are used to access and process the data stored in the database.

4. Personnel

The people related to the database system are personnel.


Different types of persons in a database system are as follows:

  • Database Administrator:   The database administrator is a person who is responsible to manage the whole database system.
  • Application Programmer:   The application programmer is a person who is writes the application programs to access data from database.
  • End Users:   The end users are the persons who use application programs to perform different  operations on database. They include clerks, managers and directors etc.
major components of database system
Major Components of Database System

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